Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Rods

Something new here that I have not posted before. Something delicious that binds us all, the sweet, the salty and savory of wonderful food.  Yes regardless of color, race, and creed we all need to eat and eat what we enjoy.
This past memorial day weekend my wife and I decided to stay home enjoy each others company and get some things done but one thing escaped our minds! We forgot to plan for Saturday night dinner. Rummaging through the freezer looking at a frozen sea of rock hard unprepared meats, pastas and veggies my wife and I became the victims of laziness that comes from hours of being over heated and sweat soaked. I looked at her and she looked at me, and the all important question at that time became, "what do you want to eat"?
Yes, all of life importance centered around the impending question, a question that is all too often asked in our culture "what do you want to eat?"
Now my wife is the master of house budgeting and where we venture to to stuff our mouths is decided, will depend on what Groupon we have. Her Wizard of Oz ruby red colored nails rapidly searched the surmounting organizer of coupons and my choices were recited like a church choir singing hymns of drool inducing selections. I laid upon the bed panting like a hound dog in a Alabama heat wave and she said, yup you guessed it, "what do you want to eat?"
In shear stress of dropping blood sugar I went with what most men crave in summer heat, I said "RIBS!"
To my delightful surprise she said ok, we got a Groupon for Hot Rods in Wharton.
Showered, cleaned clothed with AC Blasting and the sounds of Pitbull from the radio shaking the windows of our car we traveled to the streets of the little town of Wharton.
The houses closely grouped together, the streets unclogged from cars and the only sounds came from backyard  bbq's of the Spanish community know as Wharton, bellies rumbled as we approached the corner restaurant that has a mom and popish flair to it.
Greeted by a friendly staff and seated righted away, wife and I gazed at the decor, yellows, oranges and motorcycles parts or I should say "choppers"! A two part menu and a back to back menu show casing a selection of beers that could of been a beer menu from the United Nations Pub, if it existed!
Forks and Knives placed in container along with a hot sauce, ketchup and Hot Rods own bbq sauce and a paper towel holder made from pipes and the paper towels, oh no not fancy bounty but good ole factory kind. Its kinda like if your Uncle Jethro from Tennessee invited you down for a bbq, and everything was out on the table with a help yourself attitude but a lot cleaner.
Ribs, bbq style or St. Louis style, wings, burgers and yes of course brisket. A large selection of sides and appetizers will fill your belly with "biker soul food".
Specials like 10 wings for five dollars and dollar drafts are a sheer plus along with being a very family friendly place, who just like your Uncle Jethro may appear at first scary but soon subsides with laughter and cheers from Mom, Dad and Kids!
I highly recommend Hot Rods In Wharton New Jersey, a corner place that represents Main Street American and not Wall Street.

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